The local weather girl did forecast three days of winter in this fall of 2019, and she was right. It began snowing and blowing Thursday, the 10th of October and just this morning, Saturday the 12th of October, 2019, it stopped.

It all starts out innocently enough, and it is truly beautiful, but it doesn’t take long for things to turn precarious.

After many, many hours of wind and heavy, wet snow falling on dozens of trees still full of their leaves, things start to get serious…

Now that the weather event is done, and it is still fall, it is going to melt, and melt fast. The temperature right now is 32° (above zero, stick with me this winter and you’ll know what that is all about). According to my phone it will get a couple degrees warmer today, and be up to 36° tomorrow, great temp for melting snow.

Funny how fast things can change. At about 10am this morning I was pondering my decision to move to such a remote place. I am talking about the northern great plains. If you’ve ever seen the sunrise here in North Dakota you know what I mean, it just goes on forever. There is something about the moisture in the air here that creates the most beautiful morning skies I have ever seen…..but where was I going with this? Oh, yea, pondering my decisions. I was starting to think this coming winter (it is not winter yet, still fall), which will be my 8th winter here, may be my last. I was thinking there has to be a different place for me to be….of course at this time I was staring at the tree debris blocking me from exiting my driveway. I have no need to leave the driveway today, but still.

Next thing I know here’s this person clearing my driveway. I didn’t even have to ask for help. It was obvious I needed help and help came. I hope they know how grateful I am. Not only am I grateful, but I am amazed at the kindness. Maybe winter number eight will be alright after all.

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