Prairie Pass Trail
Prairie Pass trail connects to several trails

Accomplishments come in many shapes and sizes.  If you read my last post, “All the trails in the park”, you know that I had a goal….to hike all the trails in Turtle River State Park this summer.  Mission accomplished! 

Timber. Prairie. Fisher.

Keystone Ridge. Keystone Bridge.

…. I got caught out in a pop-up thunder storm

By far the toughest trail in the park, Raven Ravine started out with these guys, I felt like I was being watched. It was obvious Raven Ravine does not get as much traffic as the rest of the park. It was even hard to find the trailhead. Not for the casual walker!

Woodchuck trail! What a surprise this lil gem was! I hadn’t been to concerned about this trail and saved it for last. On the map it appeared to be short and lead to nowhere. Was I surprised that it actually led a historic spot at the river where the Civilian Conservation Corp had begun the construction of the park in the 1930’s!

Just because I did hike all the trails in the park this summer doesn’t mean I am done with it. I plan to get to know these trails better and I plan to get a better camera. Spring is a wonderful time to take pictures of flowers on any trail hike.

All photos by me. The end!

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